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    • A Message from Simu Fe Pallen

      Welcome to PallenM2 Martial Arts.  My sons, our Master Instructor and our exceptional staff of black belt instructors are excited to bring our unique brand of Martial Arts to San Ramon and the surrounding areas.

      Our award winning program was created by my husband, the founder of our dojo, Grand Master Max F. Pallen Jr. and teaches the traditional foundations of honor, respect and loyalty while incorporating the progressive techniques of today's modern world.

      Here at PallenM2, we believe in developing a well rounded individual who is confident, respectful of others and is an asset, not only to himself, but to his family and the community.

      Our M2 family and our Black Belts come from all walks of life, but we share one thing in common and that is a passion for the martial arts which we are excited to share with you.

      Whether you are looking for a place to help teach your child focus and discipline, or You, yourself want to get physically fit, PallenM2 has a wide variety of programs that can help you obtain that goal.  

      Start your Black Belt Journey with us, you wont regret it.

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    • Our Founder Grand Master Max F. Pallen Jr.

      Grand Master Max F. Pallen Jr. was born  and raised in Oakland, California.  He then went on to Bishop O'Dowd High School and graduated from UC Berkeley in 1991 with a B.A. in Psychology.

      At age 20, He took over his first dojo while he was attending U.C. Berkeley.  At the same time, he taught martial arts and Special Education at the Oakland and Berkeley Unified School Districts.  It was a very rewarding experience that would help devolop his ability to teach and motivate students.

      He had been competing in martial arts tournaments, since age 6 and won his first Grand Championship title at the age of 14.  He competed all throughout high school and college winning nearly every Martial Arts title in Northern California at the time. After graduating from U.C. Berkeley, He earned a spot on the US Olympic Karate Team, and trained diligently at the US Olympic training centers in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Lake Placid, New York.  He fought against the world's best fighters and ranked #2 in the country before retiring in 2000.  Three years later,  He was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Los Angeles.

      For the past 20+ years, Max F. Pallen Jr. refined his fun and energetic teaching style and curriculum to make sure his classes were exciting and motivating for adults and kids of all ages.  However, his program is based heavily on teaching respect, discipline, and giving a 110% effort.  In 2006, he officially introduced this system as "Pallen M2" (M2 meaning "The Second Son" or, "Max the Second"), under the style of Kajukenbo.

      Since then, He and his wife Fe, have dedicated themselves to developing a martial arts program which includes all of the experiences he has learned from his coaches on the US Olympic team as well as their own life experiences.  Their life experiences go beyond the technical aspects of martial arts and into the depths of inner strength, life skills, and living a Martial Way of Life which focuses on the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Grand Master's wife, their two sons, and their Black Belt Instructors are dedicated to following in his footsteps and continuing the legacy of PallenM2.