• Instructors

  • Esther F. Molina | Master Instructor

    5th Degree Black Belt

    I started training in Martial Arts when I was in college.  I trained in Traditional Tae Kwon Do for 5 years.  I started training because I had a bad temper and needed something to help me control it.  Martial Arts helped me become a much better person. 


    After having our son, my husband and I thought it would be good to get him into Martial Arts as we could tell he also had a bad temper just like us.  I had searched the Bay Area looking for a school that taught martial arts not just as a way of fighting, but a school that emphasized life lessons.  We found Pallen M2.  After our son had been training for a few months, Grand Master Pallen offered a month free for parents.   That’s when my training began at Pallen M2.  That was 10 years ago. 


    During my years of training, I have learned control, honor, and humility.  Our son has learned to be respectful, focused, and has grown into a responsible young man.  Our family is very close and we support each other and are there for each other in everything we do.


    Pallen M2 shares and enforces the same family values that we have taught our son over the years.  It is more than a just a karate school.  Not only do we teach fighting and self-defense techniques, we teach life skills, respect, and integrity.  It is not about rank (what belt you wear).  It’s about you and how you conduct yourself at the dojo and away from the dojo.  The emphasis in not on becoming a black belt but becoming an honorable, respectful, and responsible person.  Pallen M2 is also a family oriented dojo.  There are lots of activities for the entire family to enjoy which allows families to get to know each other and spend time together outside of the dojo.  This is what sets Pallen M2 apart from other karate schools.


    As the Master Instructor of this organization, I can only hope to inspire and continue the same values and traditions that were taught to me by Grand Master Pallen.  I want to be sure his teachings and his legend continues to thrive and grow through our students and the community.  I am dedicated to the Pallen M2 organization and aspire to see it grow and become the best martial arts school in the community with students that are humble and respectful.  I would like to instill confidence and challenge each of our students to always strive to become the best person that they can be at all times.


    I once read “Do all the good you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all times you can, To all the people you can, As long as you ever can”.  That is my aspiration.

  • Sifu Frank Clausen IV | Chief Instructor

    4th Degree Black Belt

     I began my martial arts journey at ten years old in 2004. Pallen M2’s teachings have permeated throughout all aspects of my life; the mastery of my mind, body, and soul has impacted my life in and out of the dojo. I’ve learned how to excel in relationships due to the guidance that Pallen M2 has provided me over the course of my martial arts training.

      There are many things that make Pallen M2 standout, but the most recognized is that Pallen M2 is not just a dojo, it’s a family. The camaraderie and acceptance felt when joining Pallen M2 is unlike any other. In addition to teaching martial arts, Pallen M2 incorporates life lessons in each class, ensuring that the student is not only gaining strength physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

      My contribution to the students is like the other instructors: we want to see each student grow into their full potential, on and off the mat. We strive to instill a sense of confidence and purpose that helps our students to become the best that they can be. We push the students to overcome the various obstacles they will run into in martial arts and in life. I have experienced this kind of growth, and it has been such a valuable tool for me as I continue to grow, for it gives me the encouragement I need to press on into my future. 

  • Sifu Kenneth Allison | Chief Instructor

    3rd Degree Black Belt

        I had some initial training in the martial arts during college. Years later, when my son was young, we introduced him to martial arts and this reignited my interest.  Over the last decade, along with my son and daughter.  I have focused on developing my technique and practice of kajukenbo.

        Practicing martial arts has enhanced discipline, respect, and responsibility in my household.  Another major benefit is improving my physical health.

        The PallenM2 community is an extended family. Without fail, the support of PallenM2 has been extraordinary, consistent, and indispensable.  They embrace all who enter the dojo and the love and loyalty extended inspires you to do your best.

        My goal as a Chief Instructor is to challenge the students to perform their best, whether this is sparring in the dojo, listening to a teacher at school, or doing chores at home. Having fun is important too!

  • Sifu Maynard Pilapil | Chief Instructor

    3th Degree Black Belt

        Martial Arts has given me a way of life.  The physical training and education I have received through the martial arts has prepared me to be in control of my mind and body.  Most of all, the martial arts replaces self-doubt with the inner belief necessary to thrive in everyday life. Ultimately, what distinguishes our dojo from everyone else, is that PallenM2 encompasses a vast comprehensive martial arts system that focuses on modern day martial arts training in alignment with tradition and history of martial arts.

        In addition, the family atmosphere that is created in our dojo to uplift one another to be better makes Pallen M2 a very unique school to be a part of. I would like to contribute to Pallen M2 students the proper guidance and instruction. I want to empower students to the point where they will view themselves as Martial Artists and not just a student who does martial arts.


  • Sifu Nelsene Toriano | Chief Instructor

    3rd Degree Black Belt

    Martial arts and PallenM2 has helped me raise my kids in an environment with values that were extensions of what I teach them at home.  Martial arts and PallenM2 has reinforced the values of responsibility, accountability and leadership that I wanted my kids to carry into adult hood.  As an adult, martial arts and PallenM2 has provided me a home of like-minded individuals that helped me continue to grow as an individual.  And get a great workout in the process.


    PallenM2 practices a “whole-child” approach to training.  While it is easy to teach someone how to punch or to kick, PallenM2 teaches the individual the mental and spiritual side of martial arts.  What is taught in the dojo is not intended to start and stop at the dojo or whenever you put the uniform on.  Rather, the life skills are intended to be carried by the individual to their schools, families, jobs, future, etc. beyond the dojo and the martial arts.


    I would like to carry on the values that have been bestowed upon me and my children.  I would like to give back.  As much as I have enjoyed and benefited, I want others to benefit as well.  Whether they are 3 or 63, I believe what I have learned was meant to be paid back.

  • Sifu Danica Appleby | Black Belt Instructor

    3rd Degree Black Belt

    Martial Arts is not only a sport, but it is a way of life. It has paved a path for me to be the best I can be in anything and everything I do. Martial Arts has taught me how to discipline myself to overcome any obstacles that I have been faced with throughout my life. It has given me the foundation I need for a competitive edge in my every day life. 


    One thing that stands out is the family atmosphere here at M2. Connecting with every family on a personal level, treating them as our own. The life skills that are instilled in each child differ from everyone else. We do not only teach self-defense, but we build character. We teach hard work ethics along with morals which are used all the way through adulthood. We focus on success in the classroom as well as success on the mat. We allow each child to grow into their own, physically, mentally and spiritually. Focusing on building confidence, self-esteem and self-control.


    Personally, I would like to contribute all the values and life lessons bestowed upon me from Grand Master Max F. Pallen Jr., founder of M2. Being a positive role model for the younger generations and knowing that you made an impact on ones life is priceless.

  • Sifu Chris Shannon | Chief Instructor

    2nd Degree Black Belt

    My experience with kajukenbo began with the instruction I received while going through the police academy in 1996. Over the years I learned the more practical aspects of kajukenbo and had the chance to use them, but in 2007 my older son began classes with PallenM2. This was my introduction to the art of kajukenbo and I found it irresistible. Thoroughly impressed by the instructors and students, my younger son and I joined PallenM2 the following year.


    Being a martial artist entails more than learning a collection of strikes and blocks. A martial artist strives for honor, excellence, and peace in every aspect of life. Together, my sons and I have grown from students to instructors and we continually seek to pass on that experience to others.


    PallenM2 is more than a dojo. It is a community of instructors, students, and their families dedicated to accomplishing more than one ever could as an individual. The weekly classes teach the students the art of Kajukenbo including respect, discipline, and citizenship. Instructors and fellow students challenge each other to excel beyond their limitations. For those students who rise to the challenge, the weekly classes lead to competing in tournaments, performing for festivals and sporting events, and ultimately attending black belt school to attain their honors black belt. 

  • Sifu Frank Clausen III | Black Belt Instructor

    2nd Degree Black Belt

    I started Martial Arts in 2006.


    Martial Arts has made a huge impact in my family’s life. It has instilled the morals and direction my wife and I wanted for our sons. Not only does Martial Arts instill family values, self-discipline and self-defense, but it also generates motivation and builds confidence.


    Pallen M2 is not your ordinary Martial Arts dojo. The depth of the M2 curriculum covers a variety of martial arts, but it also teaches values to help build and fortify the foundation of a strong character. This has a positive effect on life both on, and off, the mat; I have noticed this through my own children.


    As an instructor I would like to play a part in providing the students with encouragement and building one’s confidence, by addressing each child’s specific needs.  Helping the students reach their full potential is a goal all the instructors share.

  • Sifu Jojo Pallen | Black Belt Instructor

    2nd Degree Black Belt

    Martial arts has always been a part of my life. Even as a toddler, I remember being amazed by the Black Belts as they sparred and performed unbelievable kicks and tricks. However, being the son of the Master Instructor, there were expectations of me that I felt that I could not meet. Many times I would enter a tournament almost knowing that I would place last. My lack of confidence led to my inability to achieve success in martial arts tournaments. This eventually led to frustration and finally a resentment towards the martial arts in general.


    However, when I reached the age of 14, I realized that I should do martial arts for myself and not for anyone else. Once I got this through my head, my passion and motivation for the martial arts was rekindled. Today, I am a World Champion in Escrima (Sport StickFighting) and I am about to defend my title in Italy.  My dad always said “that as a Martial Artist, you will go through peaks and valleys.  It will be up to you and you alone, to find the inner strength and courage to Motivate and Re-Invent the martial artist within you”.  He was right.


    What makes Pallen M2 different is that it offers a diverse program that is progressive and constantly evolving, yet, has a traditional foundation based in Kajukenbo. The PallenM2 method is an evolutionary and distinct program created by my father GrandMaster Max F. Pallen Jr.  This unique program has enabled our dojo to create Champions not only in martial arts, but in Life!


    My goal as an Instructor at Pallen M2 is to develop the student’s abilities as a martial artist and as an individual.  A wise man once said that “Your learning does not stop once your are a black belt, it only just begins” That is my goal and belief to never stop learning.  It is my hope that when I teach, I will learn from my students as well.  I want to motivate and inspire them, just as they will inspire me to become a better Instructor.

  • Sifu Robert Blante | Black Belt Instructor

    1st Degree Black Belt

    I trained for 5 years in Kenpo Kung Fu when I was preteen-teen in Massachusetts.  As an adult I have been training at Pallen M2 since October of 2009.  I got back into Martial arts after we signed our son up for classes.  Martial Arts has become a second family to my family.  I never thought I would have such a large extended family of people who are caring, thoughtful and look out for me and my family.  When we were investigating dojos we looked into many dojos in and around the area.  I really liked how Pallen M2 was about the whole person and their family and not just about karate.  They spend time during class talking about how you can be a better person.  They talk about being a productive member of your household and respecting yourself and others.  They truly care about all of their students. As a Sifu I enjoy helping the kids and adults learn what it means to be a martial artist.  I enjoy seeing how the little ones come in unsure of themselves and uncoordinated and in a short time watch as they transform into a more confident martial artist and person