Introductory Classes

Our three introductory classes are the perfect place to start.

Power Rangers

Ages 3 - 6

Power Rangers

A fun, engaging class teaching the values of discipline, focus, and confidence.

2 Weeks Free Trial

The Power Rangers Class focuses on motor skills & coordination. It allows each student to understand their body through running, jumping, and basic martial art skills. The teaching style has a lot of positive reinforcement for the efforts being made and less on the exactness of a technique. With the positive reinforcement, the student develops the confidence to try other martial art drills in the curriculum. Not only do they develop confidence within themselves, but they develop confidence amongst their classmates and even at performing in front of others. The class also reinforces everything that is taught at home and school. We discuss and practice focus, paying attention and not interrupting when an adult is speaking. We emphasize being polite, having etiquette, and showing self-control and discipline especially if a sibling is involved. Overall, this class is geared toward preparing & reinforcing the skills needed in a classroom setting

Beginning Dragons

Ages 7 - 12

Beginning Dragons

An exciting class for learning the fundamentals of martial arts via practice, virtues, and commitment to excellence.

2 Weeks Free Trial

The Beginning Dragons class gives each student a solid foundation in the basic fundamentals of martial arts in a fun, yet, focused environment. Grand Master Pallen was a strong believer in, “teaching a student correctly the first time so there’s no bad habits to correct later.” This includes proper stances, movement, balance, & intensity. He also adds, “if you’re not having fun you’re not doing it right.” Nearly all students put more effort in an exercise when there is a sense of purpose in executing a drill properly. The reward for a student may be as simple as “recognition” in front of his peers. However, the entire class benefits because each student eagerly puts in 110% effort creating an EXCITING environment where EFFORT & LEARNING is the end result.

It is at this moment, when a student is EXCITED about LEARNING, that we begin our discussion of the Principles of Being a Black Belt: Modesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Courage, & Indomitable Spirit. We explain the importance of these principles and how it correlates to his/her training in the dojo, at home, at school, and everyday life. For every self-defense technique that we teach, it is important that we instill one of the many philosophies of martial arts. Grand Master Pallen has said, “You cannot teach one without the other.” By pairing the art of self-defense with ancient philosophies, a student will be able to use martial arts as a whole to become a more productive adult.

Teens & Adults

Ages 13+

Teen & Adult

Experience the rewarding environment of martial arts in a safe, yet challenging atmosphere.

2 Weeks Free Trial

The number one priority in the adult class is SAFETY. Our goal is to make all of our students more physically fit through self-defense drills & cardiovascular exercises.

Students may start at any time in the monthly curriculum. The environment is very FUN & POSITIVE! All of the students are very supportive of each other. At the beginner level, the instructional pace is slow & steady with lots of explanation for each technique. We want all the adults who start our program to feel that:

  1. They CAN do this.
  2. Its a good challenge.
  3. With practice, they can be good at it!

At the Advance Level, the class is a little more traditional in that more details are covered. Students with previous martial arts background are welcome to join our program. We’re certain that Grand Master Pallen’s Black Belt Instructors can enrich even the most experienced martial artist.
The Teen/Adult class is a complete program that develops a student mentally & physically. When the student steps onto the mat, he/she steps into the World of Martial Arts as Grand Master Pallen viewed it. From his perspective, you’ll have the opportunity to go back in time and train the same way as the “Old Masters”. The passion Grand Master Pallen had for the arts is energizing and inspiring, and he has passed on this passion to all of his Instructors.